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Visiting the Dentist Should Give You a Reason to Smile

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Do you get scared or nervous about visiting the dentist? You’re not alone. For many people, the clinical atmosphere, strange noises and smells, and a fear of pain lead to a major aversion to professional dental care. In fact, as many as 1 in 5 Americans avoid going to the dentist entirely out of dental phobia. For those with untreated gum and tooth issues, this can be a major risk to oral health, especially in older adults. But how do you make the change?

Luckily, there is an answer. Newton Dentistry is fighting the stigma attached to adult dentists by working to create a welcoming, patient-first environment. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing convenient, fear-free, dental care for everyone. Here is how our office makes visiting the dentist a positive experience, letting you relax and focus on your dental health.

A Friendly Environment for Adult Dental Care

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Some of the biggest sources of discomfort and dental anxiety have nothing to do with teeth at all. Offices can be drab, intimidating spaces, which simply don’t feel welcoming. Additionally, traditional dental practices can trigger bad memories from the past, even if you’re in a whole new place. That’s why when you walk into Newtown Dentistry, it’s like no dentist office you’ve ever seen.

Our dental home is beautifully designed with large, colorful areas for families to enjoy. Instantly when you walk in, you enter a warm, comfortable environment. “When people come in here, the first thing out of their mouth is, ‘Wow, we feel like we’re at Disney World’”, says Newtown hygienist Joann Driver.

But even beyond the colorful and fun environment, we go a step further to ensure every patient who steps through the door feels like they’re coming home to our family. The entire office area is built to look like a house, complete with pictures of our team’s families.

Additionally, our team is trained to accommodate all manner of special needs, eliminating barriers to quality adult dentists. That feeling of safety and support keeps patients coming back for decades.

Complete Oral Health for Parents and for Kids

Female dentist in mask stands explaining procedure to male patient in chair in warm cozy dentist office

More often than not, if you are nervous about the dentist, your child will be too. The best way to ensure long-term dental health is to create a positive, accessible environment for dental care. At Newtown Dentistry, we know that oral health is a family event. This dedication to communication and trust-building over the years sets us apart. And, that’s why our dental home supports the whole family, offering a wide range of pediatric and adult dentistry under one roof.

On top of routine dentistry and cleaning, we use state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the best results for your dental health. This includes low radiation x-rays, soft-tissue laser dentistry, and a range of cosmetic procedures to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Our expert team gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will always receive top quality and comfort.

In addition to our team of dentists, Newtown Dentistry also offers comprehensive orthodontic care under the same roof! This means you and your family can all get the orthodontic care you need within Newtown Dentistry. Whether it’s Invisalign, 3M aligners, or any other orthodontics treatment, you only need to visit one amazing place.

Make an Appointment at Your New Dental Home Today

It’s time to change the way you think about adult dental care. When you have the right dental home that offers many advantages in addition to high-quality care, a dentist appointment can actually be something to smile about. If you want to look forward to seeing the dentist for routine dental care, don’t hesitate to join the dental family at Newtown Dentistry today. You can request an appointment at our dental office here or call the friendly office team at (215) 774-5193.


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