Seeing a Dentist Without Insurance is Possible

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What do I do if I need a procedure and don’t have dental insurance? This question is more common than you might think. In fact, it’s reported that close to 37 million people in the United States don’t have dental insurance.

While you may be concerned that getting dental treatment with no insurance means having to pay a considerable amount of money out of pocket, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, at Newtown Dentistry, we are committed to helping our patients receive high-quality, comprehensive dental care without the worry of breaking the bank. We know that oral health is essential to overall health, and no one should have to go without dental services.

Learn more about our options for affordable dental care and how you and your family can get the expert dental treatment and services you deserve.

Will a Dentist See You Without Insurance?

As a dental patient, you have rights! In fact, not only do you have the right to be informed of the cost of a dental procedure in advance of your treatment, but you also have the right to “adequate time to ask questions and receive answers regarding your dental condition and treatment plan for your care.”

At Newtown Dentistry, we take the time to make sure your questions are answered and that you understand any fees associated with your treatment.

For patients who don’t have dental insurance, we offer a special in-house savings plan. It’s easy to sign up for and even easier to manage.

What is the Home for Dental Care Membership Plan?

Newtown Dentistry offers this special savings plan for patients without dental insurance. You can choose from several customized plans with set monthly rates. These include plans for kids, teens, adults, and periodontal care. The benefits start as soon as you enroll.

Know Your Costs Upfront With Newtown Dentistry’s Savings Plan

A dentist sits next to a patient in an exam chair and explains a procedure.

With our dental savings plan, you no longer have to guess the answers to questions like, “How much is a dental cleaning without insurance?” or “How much will I pay for a tooth filling?”

Everything about our savings plan is transparent. You will always know how much a dental service costs—upfront—before you commit to moving forward with treatment.

What Types of Dental Services Does the In-House Savings Plan Cover?

All dental services and treatments are available to our patients whether they have insurance or are part of our in-house savings plan. This includes comprehensive coverage for:

  • Routine cleanings
  • Regular checkups
  • Routine dental X-rays

It also includes discounts on other services and dental procedures, like fillings, cosmetic procedures, and orthodontic care. Our Newtown Dentistry team is always here to help you navigate options to easily and conveniently pay for your services.

Our Dental Savings Plan vs. Dental Insurance

A girl lies back in a dental exam chair and giggles while a dentist and assistant lean over her smiling.

We offer the Home for Dental Care Membership Plan through Kleer Direct Care, an alternative to purchasing dental insurance. There are several benefits of choosing membership over an insurance plan:

  • There is no third-party administrator
  • Annual subscription costs are often much lower
  • There are no deductibles
  • You don’t need pre-approval for care
  • There are no waiting periods
  • There is no annual limit on coverage

How Do I Start Saving with the Home for Dental Care Membership Plan?

If you’d like to enroll in our savings plan, you can:

  • Request a form from our front desk
  • Click here to get started with your account online

If you don’t have insurance and would like to learn more about how to move forward with seeing a dentist, our team is happy to speak with you anytime! Call our office at (215) 774-5193. You can also request an appointment online.


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