The “5 A’s” of Choosing a Family Dentist in Newtown, PA

Modern families are busy. Juggling work, school, sports, activities, and family time is a hard job. Sometimes, it seems like there are hardly enough hours in the day for everything — especially when you have to fit in other important tasks, like dental appointments.

A pediatric patient at Newtown Dentistry learns how his braces will work from an orthodontist.

Choosing a dentist that everyone in the family can see is one way to streamline your to-do list, and give everyone healthy smiles. If you live in Bucks County, Newtown Dentistry is a family dentist in Newtown, PA that caters to all ages in a welcoming, relaxed, and friendly environment and offers the highest-quality dental care. But wherever you live, there are certain things to look for in a family dentist to protect your family’s dental health.

What Makes a Great Family Dentist?

Healthy, white teeth are almost universally considered a sign of good health. Studies show that when you have healthy teeth, others have a more positive perception of you, and you tend to be more confident.

However, dental health is about more than just shiny, white teeth. Regular visits to the dentist are necessary to check for cavities (many adults and children have untreated dental cavities, which affect their overall well-being), gum disease, oral cancers, and more. While you might associate the visits with a clean and polish, dental appointments are also a key to good health.

A pediatric dentist examines a tween’s teeth during a routine dental visit.

Because these visits are so important, choosing the right family dentist in Newtown, PA makes a real difference. When you have a great relationship with your oral health providers, you’re more likely to keep your appointments, and address issues sooner rather than later. For children especially, the right family dentist can create positive associations with dental office visits, setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

With that in mind, what should you look for in a dentist for your family?


For many families, choosing an affordable dental care provider is a top priority. This means choosing one that offers pricing and payment options that fit your budget.


Busy families need a family dentist in Newtown, PA that can accommodate their packed schedules, and make it easy to get to appointments. This includes things like making appointments for the whole family at once, working around complex schedules, and streamlining details like paperwork to make it simple for families to get care when they need it. Even minor details like pre-written excuse notes for children who must miss school for visits can make the process simpler for everyone.


High-quality dental care is a priority for anyone, and that means looking at the credentials and accomplishments of the providers. Children especially need dentists who are experienced working with developing teeth, and have the skills to make them feel comfortable while in the dental chair. Additionally, if anyone in your family has fears, anxiety, or phobias about seeing the dentist, choosing a provider who understands and works with you to make the experience a pleasant and comfortable one is crucial.


The treehouse invites children to play while they wait for their dental appointments at Newtown Dentistry.

When comparing family dentists, look closely at the services and amenities each offers. For example, if your child needs braces, can they receive orthodontic care under the same roof as their dental care? Does the practice offer cosmetic dentistry or other services that might otherwise require you to visit a different location? Taking this into account when choosing can make dental health choices much easier down the line.


Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be something that you or your kids dread. Choosing a dentist like Newtown Dentistry, which caters to families and makes the experience fun with a warm, welcoming environment (and prizes for all ages!) should be a priority. Wouldn’t you rather look forward to seeing your dentist and have your kids be excited about going as well?

A Family Dentist in Newtown, PA That Checks All the Boxes

When you’re looking for a family dentist in Newtown, PA that has all five “A’s,” look no further than Newtown Dentistry. Our home for dental care offers comprehensive dental health services for adults and children, as well as orthodontics, all under one roof. And, you get all this in a fun, comforting, home-like environment. Make appointments for your family today, or call 215-770-3901 to answer any questions.


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