Dental Visits and Routine Dental Care During COVID-19

As important as regular visits to the dentist are, many people are wondering about routine dental care and COVID-19—is it safe? While the numbers of people with coronavirus begin to climb once again, it’s only natural to have concerns about infection. But, when it comes to the spread of COVID-19 and cases involving dentists, the rates are incredibly low.

To help put our patients’ minds at ease, Newtown Dentistry continues to prioritize health and safety. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Dental Association (ADA), we are practicing the highest standards of infection control. Our goal is and will always be to keep you and your family safe.

Research Demonstrates Vigilance in Dental Professionals Safety Measures

A Newtown Dentistry dentist wears PPE with face shield while providing dental care to a male patient.While it was initially thought that dentists would be at high risk of COVID-19 during the initial onset of the pandemic (mainly because of the aerosol generation of the illness), recent research proves otherwise. According to findings from upwards of 2,000 dentists across the nation, a mere .09% had confirmed or likely cases of coronavirus. That’s .009 of their patients, less than even 1%.

This is encouraging news for both dental professionals and patients! Additionally, the ADA, as of December 1st, announced that routine dental care should continue, with ADA President Daniel J. Klemmedson, D.D.S., M.D. issuing the following statement:

“At this point in time, the American Dental Association firmly believes dental care can continue to be delivered safely,” Klemmedson said. “Guidance recommended by the ADA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to safeguard the health of the public. Dental care is essential health care. Regular dental visits are important because treatment, as well as prevention of dental disease, helps keep people healthy.”

Newtown Dentistry Cares About Your Concerns

At Newtown Dentistry, we don’t want you to simply feel safe; we also want you to feel comfortable. That’s why we remain up-to-date on all critical information regarding preventing the spread of coronavirus, as well as keeping you informed of ways that we are minimizing the risk of infection while still providing high-quality, stress-free dental procedures.

Some of the safety measures we have been practicing include:

  • Check-in station to greet you and take your temperature upon entering our reception area
  • Sanitizer in multiple areas of our office
  • Appointments that honor and promote social distancing
  • Waiting areas with a limited number of patients and the absence of toys, magazines, and other shared items
  • Face masks required for all patients, staff, and dentists (including personal protective equipment PPE)

And, we are asking that anyone planning to come to our office—whether patients, staff, or dentists—who may not be feeling well, to please stay home.

Our hope is that these safety and health guidelines help to relieve your concerns. Routine dental care, even during COVID-19 is important for your overall health and wellness, and we are dedicated to helping you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Our dental home is still the same warm, inviting environment patients have come to love, while also being a safe place to receive comprehensive dental care.

You can schedule your appointment now, or call us any time for questions at (215) 504-5437.


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    December 17, 2020


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