Adult and Pediatric Dentist Safety During COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know

A Newtown Dentistry female team member in personal protective equipment (PPE) sanitizes her hands. As COVID-19 cases start to decline across the nation—largely due to growing vaccine availability—more people feel hopeful about resuming their usual routines. But many people still wonder whether it’s safe to return to certain activities, including dental visits.

You’ll be relieved to know that throughout the pandemic, dental offices have been, and continue to be, one of the safest places you can go. And, whether you come to Newtown Dentistry for a pediatric dentist appointment, adult dental procedure, or orthodontic visit, you are in safe, experienced, and expert hands.

COVID-19 Precautions for Adult and Pediatric Dental Care

A national study revealed that the infection rate among dentists was less than one percent. This is thanks to the stringent guidelines dental offices follow: mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) of dentists and team members, temperature checks, staggered appointments, and more.

Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) agree that routine dental care for children and adults is an essential service. Poor oral health can contribute to overall health problems, and regular dental visits encourage positive oral health care.

Although many adults and families appreciate the pandemic guidelines designed to keep everyone safe, some parents are still hesitant to schedule dental appointments for their children. For many, this is because of concerns about not being allowed in with their children during pediatric dental appointments.

A Newtown Dentistry team member in facemask welcomes pediatric dentist patients to the reception area.At Newtown Dentistry, parents can request to join their children during visits, and we will make accommodations to ensure that happens whenever possible. We remain committed to keeping you all as safe as possible while also respecting your concerns and will continue to adjust accordingly.

Take a Look at How Newtown Dentistry Goes Above and Beyond for Patient Care

In addition to our ongoing protocols to protect patients, dentists, and our team from the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented some additional processes to cater to our adult and pediatric dentistry patients. Take a look:

  • Utilization of the VK 401 “Virus Killing” Air Decontamination Unit

This air decontamination processor has been designed and tested for dental environments. The VK 401 controls the airflow in our office to disinfect breathing spaces, killing viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19), and neutralizes gases and allergens.

  • Incorporation of a Nightly Heavy-Duty Cleaning Team

In addition to cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing all surface areas and touchpoints (including dental chairs, instruments, reception areas, bathrooms), a professional, vetted cleaning crew sprays and disinfects all high-touch surfaces every night.

  • Invitation for Parents to Join Their Children for Pediatric Appointments

 Newtown Dentistry pediatric dentist puppets surround a VK 401 “virus killer” air decontamination unit.As the ongoing champion of your child’s dental care, you shouldn’t have to wait in the car during visits. For this reason, we invite parents to come in and join their children during pediatric dentist appointments.

Continued Safety. Same Unique Services You Love.

As we continue to adapt to the latest guidelines in health and safety mandated by the CDC, ADA, AAPD, and local state health departments, we maintain the unique aspects of our day-to-day offerings. Adults and families can still expect:

  • Exceptional dental care from dentists and team members with decades of experience
  • Convenient appointment days and times (including seeing multiple family members on the same day)
  • Welcoming and comforting atmosphere from reception to treatment areas
  • Entertaining spaces where children can explore and play
  • Fun and exciting prizes for children and adults at the end of dental treatment

If you have any questions about safety, pediatric dentist visits, or adult dental appointments, call us any time at (215) 461-3562. Or, you can schedule your appointment now.


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    May 3, 2021


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