Dental Care for Patients with Special Needs

Newtown Dentistry’s caring team members are board-certified and trained in working with special-needs patients. The entire team is prepared to help all patients feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Newtown offers dental care for everyone. As experts in dental care for patients with special needs, the number of patients we support continues to grow.

What is Special-Needs Dentistry?

All patients deserve excellent and compassionate dental care, but some have needs that require special consideration and additional understanding. Those with developmental delays, cognitive impairments, and behavioral disorders are part of this group.Patients with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions might need certain accommodations. Dentists trained in working with special-needs patients provide these to ensure every patient enjoys good dental health.

Newtown is a Patient-First Dental Office

While Newtown’s team has training and experience in working with special-needs patients, we consider every patient as an individual with unique needs. The patient-first approach means that each patient’s needs and concerns are at the center of everything we do. A patient-first philosophy means:A young boy practices toothbrushing on a blue puppet.

  • Treating patients with compassion and respect
  • Getting to know each patient as an individual
  • Building a trusting relationship with each patient
  • Listening to patients’ concerns
  • Prioritizing each patient’s needs and goals
  • Educating patients and their families about dental care and oral health
  • Involving patients and their guardians in care decisions
  • Improving access to care for all patients
  • Creating individualized care and treatment plans for every patient
  • Making accommodations for patients as needed

This approach is important for all patients but particularly those with special needs. Whether it is a physical disability, extreme anxiety, a behavioral issue, or anything else, these patients benefit from being put first.A patient-first philosophy leads to better outcomes, improved overall health, and more positive experiences for everyone involved.

How We Work with Special-Needs Patients

Patient-first care is at the heart of everything we do at Newtown. This extends to our special-needs patients, who often benefit most from this philosophy. Exactly how we provide care to these patients depends on their unique needs, goals, strengths, and limitations.When you come in for your first appointment, we will be prepared to aid your child or loved one in getting the best possible care. This often begins with a tour of the dental office and exam rooms to increase their level of comfort.Next, we’ll get your loved one into a dental exam room and let them play dentist. This is an important educational step that also familiarizes the patient with what dentists and hygienists do. We make the experience fun and interactive.For special-needs care, we can provide a number of accommodations depending on the individual patient. This might include:

  • Enough space for a wheelchair or other assistive device
  • Longer appointment times
  • Breaks between services
  • Alternative lighting to accommodate sensory needs
  • The allowing of service animals

Please ask our team and dentists if you believe your child or loved one could benefit from any type of accommodation. As a patient-first office, we are happy to listen to our patients and their guardians and aim to learn more about every patient’s needs and preferences.

What Your Dental Team Needs to Know

For the best possible experience, it’s important to inform the team of your loved one’s needs ahead of their first appointment. Please share their medical records and information about medical conditions, medications, and their primary doctors.It also helps to provide details about the patient’s specific and individual needs; for instance, anything that triggers anxiety, what scares them about going to the dentist, and any physical limitations that could make dental work more complicated.It is helpful to provide a myriad of information about the patient, even if you aren’t sure it is relevant. We hope to build an ongoing relationship with each patient, so we want to get to know you.

Newtown Dentists and Team Have Experience Working with All Patients

Special-needs dentistry is a growing field as dental and medical professionals begin to recognize the importance of accommodating these patients.The team and dentists at Newtown are trained in working with patients who have all types of needs and limitations. We have been working with special-needs patients for years and have the experience necessary to provide excellent dental care to all patients.

What Our Patients Have to Say About Care at Newtown

Some parents of our patients with special needs have been coming to Newtown for years because of the compassionate care: “Our experience for the past 20 years at Newtown Dentistry has been wonderful. The team is always kind, patient, and supportive. My middle son always says it’s like the Disney World of dentists!”Parents appreciate the compassion our team shows to their children and the individualized care that considers each patient’s unique needs: “Newtown Dentistry has always been accepting and inclusive for my two children with autism. The team has also always been extremely kind and makes what can be stressful for the kids and me as a mom as pleasant as possible. The team focuses on what works for my children specifically and accommodates us in any area necessary to make the visits positive and successful.” Patients with special needs face many hurdles in getting to a dentist and receiving excellent care. Our goal at Newtown is to ensure that every patient gets the best care possible. Special training in working with patients with diverse needs helps us do that daily. If you have a child or another family member who struggles to find adequate dental care, contact us today. Request an appointment to get started.

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