Hall Crowns for Molars

At Newtown Dentistry, our dentists have decades of experience providing comprehensive, high-quality, and convenient dental services for families and patients of all ages. We are committed to anxiety-free dentistry in a caring environment. Here, families can choose from dental options that are both minimally-invasive, lasting, and simple to perform.

Hall crowns are a dental service that can be done quickly, safely, and produce lasting results. Unlike other methods to address carious primary molars, hall crowns don’t require local anesthesia, tooth preparation, or tissue removal.

Advantages of Treating Tooth Decay with Hall Crowns

Unlike more invasive ways to address cavities in the primary molars of children, hall crowns offer a simpler and equally effective alternative—with no local anesthesia or sedation required. The process involves utilizing a stainless steel crown to cover the area of tooth decay (rather than having it removed).

Because the hall technique allows multiple crowns to be placed simultaneously, the procedure saves time and is perfectly suited for children who may experience dental anxiety.

Multiple evidenced-based studies have revealed that additional benefits of hall crowns include:

  • Minimal to no pain occurs during the hall-crown procedure
  • Lasting results (comparable to other methods of treating caries lesions)
  • Optimal procedure for small children and those with dental anxiety
  • Quicker option for busy schedules and smaller children who may have trouble sitting for long periods of time

How the Hall Technique Works

To help prepare your child for hall crowns, the following steps offer insight into what to expect:

  • Step One

Your child’s dentist cleans the tooth or teeth to ensure no food or debris is remaining around the prep area.

  • Step Two

The stainless steel crown is sized and placed on the tooth.

  • Step Three

The dentist uses a glass ionomer cement to secure the crown to the tooth.

  • Step Four

Your child may be asked to “bite down” to help apply pressure and further solidify the crown to the tooth.

It’s as easy as one-two-three-four! After these steps have been completed, your child’s hall crowns are good to go and should last for years to come. Generally, there are no side effects and your child can eat and drink normally following the procedure. The crowns may “feel funny” for a day or two as your child adjusts.

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