Dental Savings Plan vs. Dental Insurance

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At Newtown Dentistry, we believe all community members should have access to regular, quality dental care for their overall health and well-being. We also understand that financial barriers sometimes prevent people from visiting a dentist. To overcome those barriers, our dental team goes a long way to keep its patients informed of the various payment options available to them. Part of that education is clearly defining a dental savings plan vs. dental insurance.

Dental insurance has been a popular option for many years. In fact, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, more than 200 million Americans currently have dental insurance, which is about 60% of the population. On the other hand, while only around 13 million Americans currently have dental savings plans, the demand for them is growing.

Here’s a breakdown of dental savings plans vs. dental insurance that can help you decide which is best for your family.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a type of health insurance that covers the cost of dental care specifically. Patients typically pay a monthly premium, and the insurance company covers all or part of the cost of routine checkups, cleanings, and other dental procedures. Dental insurance plans may also include deductibles, co-payments, and annual limits on coverage.

Pros of Dental Insurance

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Dental insurance plans usually cover a wide range of dental services, including routine checkups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, and even orthodontic treatment.

Predictable Costs:

With dental insurance, you pay a monthly premium, and the costs of covered services are shared between you and the insurance company. This makes it easier to budget for dental care costs.

Employer-Sponsored Plans:

Many employers offer dental insurance as part of their employee benefits package, making it an affordable and accessible option for many people.

Cons of Dental Insurance

Expensive Premiums:

Dental insurance premiums can be expensive, particularly if you require comprehensive coverage or have preexisting dental conditions.

High Deductibles:

Many dental insurance plans have high deductibles, which means you must pay a certain amount out of pocket before your coverage kicks in.

Annual Limits:

Some dental insurance plans have annual limits on coverage, which can be a problem if you require extensive dental work.

What is a Dental Savings Plan?

A dental savings plan is an alternative to dental insurance. Members of the plan receive discounts on a wide range of dental services, including routine checkups, cleanings, and more extensive procedures like crowns and implants. Take a look at our quick video defining what a dental savings plan is and how it works.

Pros of Dental Savings Plans

Lower Costs:

Dental savings plans are typically much cheaper than dental insurance, with annual fees ranging from $80 to $200.

No Deductibles or Annual Limits:

Unlike dental insurance, dental savings plans don’t have deductibles or annual limits on coverage.

No Waiting Periods:

Dental savings plans don’t have waiting periods, which means you can start using your plan as soon as you sign up.

Cons of Dental Savings Plans

Limited Provider Networks:

Dental savings plans often have limited provider networks, which means you may need to switch dentists if your current dentist isn’t a member of the plan.

Limited Coverage:

Dental savings plans typically cover only a portion of the cost of dental procedures, which means you may still have to pay a significant amount out of pocket.

No Guarantees:

Dental savings plans don’t ensure coverage, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the discounts promised by the provider.

Newtown Dental Savings Plan vs. Dental Insurance

To make things easier for our patients, we have put together a Dental Insurance vs. Newtown Saving Plan Comparison Chart. Click here for the chart, which briefly shows the benefits, costs, coverages, and exclusions of our dental savings plan. Dental coverage and discounts are available for both adult and children’s dentistry services.

We understand that no one likes surprises when it comes to dental costs. Our business team is always transparent about costs and discounts before you commit to services. If you have insurance, we can coordinate with the provider to submit and process claims. If you enroll in our dental savings plan, you will have access to your account on any device so you can plan, manage, and schedule appointments for you and your family.

Contact us online, or call our office at (215) 774-5193 for questions regarding dental savings plans vs. dental insurance.

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