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It’s common for some adults to carry past dental fears when visiting a new dentist. In fact, more adults in the U.S.—between 50% and 80%—have some degree of dental anxiety. That’s even more than children do (who come in around 9%). At Newtown Dentistry, we understand not everyone looks forward to visiting the dentist. But, believe it or not, many people do end up being excited to make us their dental home, because we prioritize patient comfort, and our exceptional adult dentists provide personalized care.

Adult Dental Services: Making Your Oral Health No.1

Your visit to Newtown Dentistry for Adults will be your first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile. From the moment you schedule your appointment until you sit in the chair, we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and secure knowing you’re receiving the best dental services and care. Dr. Michele (Shelly) Lefchak, Dr. Nuri Eraydin, and the entire Newtown adult dentistry team are devoted to making sure you leave your first visit with a complete understanding of your dental needs.

A male adult dentist in green safety gown and facemask discusses dental treatment with a male patient. During your first dental visit, we begin with a comprehensive exam which includes:

  • A head and neck evaluation.
  • A soft tissue exam.
  • A periodontal exam (includes assessing the health of your teeth and gums.)
  • An evaluation of your occlusion (how your jaw and teeth come together.)
  • A clinical examination of your teeth.
  • X-rays.

We also use intra-oral cameras (IOC), giving our adult dentists an unparalleled view of your teeth. The IOC allows us to better diagnose and treat our patients while informing them as to what is really going on in their mouths.

Additional Items to Cover During Your Dental Visit

In addition to your dental exam, Dr. Shelly or Dr. Eraydin will go over some additional areas with you to help ensure the best oral health outcomes. This includes delving into:

  • The state of your overall health (including any new or existing medical conditions, surgeries, medications.)
  • Your dental health (including any areas of sensitivity in your teeth and gums, signs of a cavity, or lumps and bumps in your mouth.)
  • Any fears or concerns about your dental health.

You will also be asked to provide this information before your visit via our patient registration forms, which can be found on our website. We recommend filling these out in advance of your first visit.

A Reward for Work Well Done!

Who says that children are the only ones who should get prizes for work well done at the dentist? Not Newtown Dentistry! Here, as part of your adult dentist experience, you are invited to pick a prize from our stocked treasure box.

As part of inviting our adults to have a positive and rewarding experience, we also work to schedule your visit during times that accommodate your schedule. Whether you need to work around your job, family commitments, or other priorities, we are here to help make scheduling dental appointments as easy as possible.

Ready to make Newtown Dentistry your dental home? Schedule an appointment now, or call our office anytime at (215) 774-5193.

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