First Orthodontic Visit for Children and Adults

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The first thing we strive for our patients to feel when they come to Newtown Orthodontics is welcome! Next, our hope is for all patients to feel confident and at ease, knowing our orthodontic specialists are experts in their field and provide comprehensive, high-quality orthodontic care. Both our orthodontists, Dr. Heather Albert and Dr. Guy Coby, are board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and specialize in orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages.

Whether you have been considering traditional braces, clear aligners, or another type of orthodontic treatment—for you or your child—we look forward to having you visit our office. Here, children love the bright and engaging atmosphere. Parents and adults appreciate the state-of-the-art technology and convenience we offer.

Find out more about what to expect during your first visit and why Newtown Orthodontics believes everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

First Orthodontic Visit for Children and Adults

Female orthodontist wearing full, blue personal protective equipment (PPE) performs orthodontic work on young female. Newtown Orthodontics offers you and your family comprehensive orthodontic care led by Dr. Coby and Dr. Albert. Housed in the same welcoming, unique, and fun building as Newtown Dentistry for children and adults, our orthodontic office also provides services for children and adults. And we do our best to help coordinate dental and orthodontic appointments for multiple family members on the same day in close proximity—to make scheduling as efficient and flexible as possible. Since we are in the same place, there’s no need to travel!

Many of our patients are curious about what happens during your first orthodontic consultation.

A first orthodontic visit consists of:

How Long Will a First Orthodontic Visit Take?

While the length of a first orthodontist visit varies, you can help save time by filling out the appropriate forms ahead of time (you can find them here.)

Consultations are typically scheduled for 45 minutes. Depending on your specific circumstances and orthodontic needs, Dr. Albert or Dr. Coby may request X-rays. We have the best digital radiography technology, giving us better insight into your oral health and the positioning of your teeth and jaw.

Next Steps

Once your consultation is complete and you have a recommended treatment and payment plan, our Newtown Orthodontics team will work with you on the next steps. We’ll explain exactly how your recommended treatment process works, how long it takes to complete, and what you can expect once treatment is complete.

To save time on your first orthodontic consultation and to get started, you can begin filling out registration forms online. Or, schedule an appointment now. We are also available to answer questions. Simply call our office at (215) 774-5193.

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