The Best Dentist for Kids, The Best Dental Care for Kids

Can you imagine your kids actually looking forward to their dental visits?

When their appointments are at Newtown Dentistry for Kids, that’s exactly what happens! From your very first visit to our kids dentist, you will discover that Dr. Chris and the whole team at Newtown Dentistry is like no other!

 Young boy has a dental exam.

We encourage patients to arrive early — not just so they can fill out paperwork, but so they can experience our indoor park, complete with a life-size treehouse where kids can climb and play. To ensure everyone has fun, we provide registration forms online that can be filled out at your convenience prior to your visit.

Once it’s time for you to see the kids dentist, you’ll meet Dr. Chris, also known as “the Purple Dentist” for reasons you’ll find out when you walk through the door. We also encourage kids to wear purple to their visit for extra fun and prizes. Don’t worry if you don’t have purple — blue and red count, too!

Your Home for Quality Pediatric Dentistry

It’s not just fun and games at Newtown Dentistry. Parents can rest assured that Dr. Chris and her team provide the highest quality dental care, putting patients on track toward a lifetime of oral health.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends families establish a “dental home” for kids by their first birthday — and Newtown Dentistry supports this recommendation. A “dental home” is an ongoing relationship between dentist and patient. Seeing a kids dentist at a dental home ensures all aspects of oral health care are provided in a comprehensive, consistent, and family-oriented way.

For us, this means providing a comfortable, loving, kid-friendly environment for your child to experience dental care. When kids have great experiences at the dentist, they are more likely to maintain a lifelong commitment to a healthy smile — and look forward to coming to their dental appointments.

With this in mind, during your first visit you can expect:

The exterior of Newtown Dentistry in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

  • A guided tour through our office, giving you and your child the opportunity to see and explore everything we have to offer.
  • The chance for your child to jump in the chair and play dentist. Our “show, tell, do” method helps get kids familiar with every step of the visit in a fun and interactive way.
  • A team of passionate providers who work hard to settle your little one’s fears.
  • Treatment using the latest dental technology, including digital x-rays that use the lowest doses of radiation, and intra-oral cameras that allow you and your child to see what we see.
  • Access to a preventive program that has contributed to a 40 percent reduction in tooth decay in our patients, one of our greatest accomplishments!
  • The opportunity to ask questions and discuss dental health and treatment plans with the dentist.
  • The chance to select a fun prize!

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to your new dental home and are excited about working together to create healthy smiles that will last a lifetime!

Get started on your first dental visit by filling out the forms here. To answer any questions about our services, our facilities, or our team, contact us today!

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