Am I Too Old For Braces? (Answer: No!)

Kevin is a 65-year-old retired construction contractor who has always wanted to fix his uneven smile. Shonda is a 27-year-old entrepreneur about to debut her first startup, worried that the crowding of her teeth will prevent her from truly shining on launch day. Alex is a 34-year-old stay-at-home dad who has simply always wanted straighter teeth.

A female orthodontist speaks with a male patient about clear braces for adults, holding up a sample product.

Kevin, Shonda, and Alex all have the same question: Am I too old for braces? And, they aren’t the only ones. Many people in adulthood want to know if there is a cut off for receiving orthodontic treatment.

The answer, however, is no! You are never too old for adult braces.

Not only is there no age cap on getting braces, but there are also a number of ways to remedy the previously mentioned orthodontic issues (in addition to others).

At Newtown Orthodontics, Dr. Heather Albert and Dr. Guy Coby welcome working with orthodontic patients of all ages, specializing in personalized treatment plans and care.

Adult Braces Options (Which One is Right For You?)

If you have an orthodontic issue that you’ve always wanted to address, you’re not alone. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), 1,690,000 adults in the U.S. and Canada sought orthodontic treatment in 2016 alone.

As we mentioned earlier, there are varied reasons for older adults wanting braces. An overbite, underbite, crowding, and crooked teeth are all issues that can be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

No matter what your motivation is for wanting to adjust and straighten your teeth, it’s normal to feel wary. We may be telling you you’re not too old (as well as the AAO!), but maybe you feel silly or uncertain as to whether you really want to commit to metal brackets—even for your dream smile. Not to worry! Dr. Albert and Dr. Coby have combined decades of experience in finding patients the exact right option to suit their specific needs. And, we have different types of braces and orthodontic treatments from which to choose, including:

  • Traditional Braces
    Traditional metal braces are one type of orthodontic treatment to help you achieve a straighter smile and bite. Typically, it takes between 18 and 36 months to complete this option.
  • Invisalign or 3M Clarity Aligners
    As opposed to traditional braces that remain affixed to the teeth until completion of treatment, clear braces for adults or clear aligners (as they are commonly referred to) can be removed. However, for best results, they should be worn a minimum of 22 hours. These aligners come in a series that Dr. Albert or Dr. Coby will advise you to swap out at appropriate intervals.

Many people are curious about the price differentiation between the two treatments. While both orthodontic treatment methods vary in cost depending on individual treatment plans, the overall cost is fairly similar. And, it’s helpful to know that we offer in-house, interest-free financing at Newtown Orthodontics and will handle the processing of your dental insurance claims to help you maximize your benefit. We also have a partnership with Care Credit, in case you need help with payment arrangements. You can fill out an online Care Credit application here.

Smile! You Can Be On Your Way to Straighter Teeth Soon

To help our adult patients decide which type of treatment is best for their goals, we always suggest a consultation. A first consultation visit is completely complimentary and will help you explore which option will be most conducive to your lifestyle and oral health. We can also show you examples of adult braces before and after images from past patients. Remember, you are never too old to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Schedule your visit now, or call us anytime at (215) 504-5437.


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