/ 3D Panorex for Precision Diagnosis and Treatment

3D Panorex for Precision Diagnosis and Treatment

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dentist could predict how your child’s teeth are projected to develop? Or, the extent of impacted teeth? Or even catch a dental problem in its tracks before it ever has a chance to manifest? At Newtown Dentistry, we can do exactly that (and more) with our 3D Panorex imaging system.

In addition to our cozy, welcoming atmosphere, we are also recognized for our dedication to using state-of-the-art and innovative technology for precision diagnosis. Our board-certified dentists are skilled and practiced in providing preventative dental care with the aid of 3D Panorex. We provide 3D imaging as part of our children’s dental services and our comprehensive adult dentistry, as recommended by your dentist.

Planning for Dental Futures with 3D Panorex Imaging

The 3D Panorex imaging system produces high-resolution, three-dimensional images. The panoramic dental X-ray machine imagery benefits you and your dentist in many ways including:

  • Determining the position of developing tooth buds
  • Detecting the location and depth of impacted teeth
  • Identifying cysts and/or tumors in the mouth (early on)
  • Diagnosing root-canal related issues
  • Planning cosmetic dentistry treatment plans (such as dental implants)
  • Seeing a more anatomical structure of the mouth (opposed to 2D dental X-rays)
  • Diagnosing dental caries (cavities)

The superior image quality of this X-ray system provides our dentists and patients with in-depth insight. This detailed glance of your teeth, gums, and mouth is valuable in establishing personalized treatment plans to produce optimal results. And, because we know that our patients have full and dynamic lives, panoramic X-rays are quick and efficient. In terms of diagnosis and treatment plan accuracy, it’s one of the best dental imaging systems in the industry.

3D Panorex Safety and Quality

At Newtown Dentistry, we practice the safest and highest standards of dental care. As with all of our X-rays, we follow the industry principle of ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable). This means that our imaging technology settings are always placed to yield the lowest possible dose of radiation.

In addition to keeping patients of every age and stage of life safe and protected, we strive to ensure your comfort. Young children can explore and play on our giant treehouse. Adults have plenty of space to work on laptops, peruse social media, and simply relax before and after treatment.

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