Lip and Tongue-Tie Release

Sometimes, infants are born with a lip-tie or tongue-tie (also referred to as ankyloglossia). While these conditions can affect the function of the lip and tongue, they are both easily treatable. Our Newtown Dentistry dentists are skilled and practiced in performing the procedures necessary to correct lip and tongue-ties. And, our safe, comfortable, and friendly environment ensures a pleasant experience for both little ones and their parents.

Safe and Minimally-Invasive Tongue and Lip-Tie Release

Babies with tongue-tie are more common than those born with a lip-tie. And, tongue and lip-ties often are more common in boys than girls.

A tongue-tie occurs when the “lingual frenulum,” or tight band of tissue, remains affixed to the bottom of the tongue (making it stick to the floor of the mouth). A lip-tie, although not as common as a tongue-tie, also affects the frenulum tissue—but in the piece of tissue behind the upper lip (instead of the bottom of the tongue). This thick “labial frenulum” can prevent the upper lip from moving properly.

Both a tongue-tie and a lip-tie can affect breastfeeding, making it difficult for both baby and mom. It can be painful for breastfeeding moms and babies can have difficulty getting the sustenance they need. The good news is that there are minimally-invasive lip and tongue-tie surgeries that we can perform safely here in our office.

To help correct tongue and lip-ties, our dentists perform a tongue-tie release and/or lip-tie release. Since it’s quite common for tongue and lip-ties to develop in tandem, both issues can also be addressed at the same time. To release a tongue and lip-tie, our dentists utilize a minimally-invasive LightScapel CO2 laser. Unlike more primitive forms of release, the laser is beneficial because it can vaporize the tissue with little to no bleeding.

Additional benefits of LightScapel CO2 laser tongue and lip-tie release include:

  • Less swelling and discomfort
  • Reduced risk of Infection (due to the laser’s sanitizing effect)
  • Shortened procedure duration (no bleeding increases visibility so

treatment time is quicker)

  • Faster recovery
  • Swift elimination to breastfeeding problems (most moms are able to resume breastfeeding immediately after the procedure)

And, one of the major advantages of a tongue-tie and lip-tie release is that infants don’t need to go to the hospital or be placed under sedation.

Your Trusted Source for Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Christine Landes is board-certified, with a long-time presence within the Greater Bucks County communities. At Newtown Dentistry, we don’t simply treat patients, we form trusting and lasting relationships. Safety and comfort are a priority, which is why we will do everything we can to make sure your baby receives the most gentle, high-quality patient care possible. It’s our goal to treat your children as if they are our own!

If you’d like to learn more about a tongue-tie or lip-tie release procedure for your child, schedule an appointment now. Or, call us any time for questions at (215) 504-5437.

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