Congratulations! You’re Ready For Braces!

It’s official, you are ready for orthodontic treatment! We are so excited to welcome you to the Newtown Orthodontics family! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions at the beginning of treatment.

How often do I come to see Newtown Orthodontics?

  • Orthodontic visits are usually 4-6 weeks apart.

What are orthodontics records?

  • An orthodontic records visit involves taking photographs of your teeth, smile and face, x-rays and scan. The doctors will use these records to complete your treatment plan.

How long does it take to put braces on?

  • We allow 90 minutes to put braces on, but it only takes about 20-25 minutes to actually adhere the braces to the teeth. Before the braces can be placed we have to prepare the teeth by making them clean and dry ahead of time to ensure the brackets will stick. Once the braces are applied we then have to insert the wires and colors and, most importantly, review care and hygiene instructions.

What if I need an appliance before my braces go on?

  • Some patients need appliances like a palatal expander or space maintainer before their braces go on. If that is part of your treatment plan the office will walk you through all of the necessary appointments and address any questions you might have.

What is a retainer and when do I get one?

  • A retainer holds the teeth after treatment to keep them from moving out of their new position. Retainers are given once the braces come off, and one set is included in your treatment. There are several types of retainers and they will all be discussed prior to braces coming off. Dr. Coby or Dr. Albert will help you decide the best option for your particular case.

What are the colors on the braces and what are my choices?

  • The colors on the braces are tiny rubber bands used to secure the wire to the bracket. There are lots of fun options and you can change the colors at every visit. See the palate below so you can plan ahead!There are a variety of color options to choose from.

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