New Dental Tech: Providing Comprehensive Treatment with AI Assistance

At Newtown Dentistry, we strive to stay on top of the latest advancements in dental technology so we can provide our patients with the optimum care they deserve. Our board-certified dentists and licensed dental assistants have been extensively trained in a number of state-of-the-art preventive dental care innovations that benefit our patients. In fact, our strong, highly technical preventive program has led to a 40% reduction in tooth decay for our patients.

One of the new dental technologies we recently integrated into our patient treatment is Artificial Intelligence (AI), using the proven Dentrix Detect AI system. This AI system has changed the way we monitor, diagnose, and treat many common adult and pediatric dental conditions.

AI and Early Cavity Detection

Young patient getting an xray from a large white imaging machine in a kid-friendly room at a dentist office. One of the most significant benefits of AI-assisted dentistry is our ability to monitor cavities without drilling. In the past, the only way to spot cavities was to physically examine the tooth or use X-rays. With AI technology, we can detect cavities before they become visible or require drilling. The AI dental system analyzes the teeth and provides a 3D image of the tooth’s interior, making it easier for us to identify potential cavities early on. This early detection can help prevent the need for more invasive procedures down the line.

We also use AI for analyzing patient X-rays. With the help of AI, our dentists can detect and flag potential dental conditions such as cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. This early detection allows for immediate treatment, reducing the risk of complications and improving overall patient outcomes.

AI technology is basically giving us an extra set of eyes to improve our diagnoses. The AI system works alongside us to provide a more comprehensive analysis of a patient’s oral health. It can detect potential issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, allowing for early detection and faster treatment.

How Our Patients Benefit from AI

We have found a number of ways our patients benefit from our use of this new dental technology. Patients can expect:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • More comfortable and efficient dental visits
  • Early detection of dental conditions
  • Safer, more effective and reliable treatments

Cutting-Edge Dental Technologies at Newtown

 Image of a laser machine with a screen used in a high-tech dental office. AI is only one of the latest dental technologies we have integrated into our practice. Some of the other state-of-the-art innovations we utilize include:

Digital X-Rays

Our office is entirely digital. Our patients receive faster and safer solutions to their dental conditions. Digital X-rays reduce radiation upward of 90% and effectively and efficiently track the development of the teeth and gums as well as detect disease and damage.

3D Dental Imaging

The 3D Panorex dental imaging system is a superior, innovative tool to help us plan your dental care and treatment plans. In addition to providing more complete and detailed information about your current oral health, these digital X-rays give us insight into the future development of teeth and jaws.

SOPROLIFE Intraoral Camera

As one of the most effective intraoral cameras available, SOPROLIFE enables us to view all areas of the mouth with extreme detail and clarity—in real time. This advanced detection device also picks up on the earliest stages of dental cavities using fluorescence technology.

Laser Dentistry

The CO2 Lightscalpel Laser is a multifaceted device we use to address a number of dental issues through procedures such as a frenectomy, gingivectomy, tongue-tie release, and lip-tie release.

New dental technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and Newtown Dentistry is committed to utilizing these innovations to improve care for all of our patients. As dental technologies continue to evolve, you can expect even more comprehensive and personalized dental care in the future.

Schedule your appointment here to get the benefit of the latest technologies in our dental home. Or, call us anytime at (215) 774-5496.


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    May 17, 2023


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