The Not-So-Routine Routine Dental Cleaning

The American Dental Association generally recommends that you get a routine checkup and dental cleaning from your dentist twice a year. At these regular visits, your dentist assesses your current oral health and may recommend more or less frequent future checkups and cleanings depending on what they find. At Newtown Dentistry, we make routine cleanings a pleasant, efficient experience—for both kids and adults—with a homey environment, engaged dentists and team members, advanced technology, and great prizes for all!

4 Good Reasons For Routine Teeth Cleanings

Overall, the goal of a regular dental cleaning is to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Here are four more specific benefits of routine cleanings:

Fun themed kids’ dental exam room with state-of-the-art technology.

Prevent Cavities

A dental cavity, also known as tooth decay, occurs when part of your tooth begins to decay due to a buildup of plaque. Cavities can form very quickly or develop slowly over time. During a routine cleaning, the plaque will be removed to help prevent cavities.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection that can damage the gum’s soft tissue and, without treatment, can damage the bone that supports your teeth. Routine dental cleanings can reduce your risk of gum disease and improve the chances of successful treatment.

Improve Your Overall Health

There is growing scientific evidence that connects our oral health to our overall health and well-being. Oral health problems have been associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, respiratory health, dementia, and pregnancy issues. Regular dental cleanings promote good overall health.

Whiten Your Teeth

Over time, stains from food and drinks, such as coffee and red wine, can build up on our teeth, causing discoloration. A routine cleaning can remove these surface stains on your teeth and reveal whiter and brighter teeth.

The Not-So-Routine Routine Dental Cleanings

There is nothing “routine” about a visit to Newtown Dentistry. We designed our “dental home” to make your family feel welcome and at ease. Each patient’s care, treatment, and experience are unique to them. We treat each patient as family with a continuum of care that aims to prevent poor oral health conditions and promote optimum dental health. We’ve enhanced our routine checkups to get a full understanding of each patient’s unique needs and conditions.

For Kids:

 Lobby of the adult practice at Newtown Dentistry with stone fireplace, white chairs, and carpet.

Our ultimate goal for your child’s first visit: have a positive, unique, fun experience. We start with a guided tour through our office, allowing you and your child to experience our indoor park space. Next your child will jump in the chair where they will get to play dentist, as we employ a “show, tell, do” method that familiarizes them with every step of the visit in a fun and interactive way.

Our pediatric team will coordinate and provide age-appropriate oral exams and teeth cleaning procedures. During the visit, we utilize the latest in technology, including low-dose digital X-rays and intraoral cameras that allow you and your child to see what we see. We will also share our strong preventive program that has led to a 40 percent reduction in tooth decay in our patients. At the end of the appointment, we’ll discuss a personalized treatment plan for your child moving forward.

Children name the following as their five favorite things at Newtown Dentistry:

  1. Dentist who knows kids
  2. Friendly team
  3. Host of puppet friends
  4. Indoor treehouse
  5. Well-stocked prize box

For Adults:

In an effort to provide a continuum of comprehensive dental and overall health care for our adult patients, we conduct an extensive first visit that is an hour and half long at no additional cost.

Your first dental visit includes:

  • A discussion with your dentist regarding:
    • Your overall health (medical conditions, surgeries, medications)
    • Your dental health (areas of sensitivity in your teeth and gums, signs of a cavity, lumps and bumps in your mouth)
    • Any fears or concerns about your dental health
  • A head and neck evaluation
  • A soft tissue exam
  • A periodontal exam (assessing the health of your teeth and gums)
  • An evaluation of your occlusion (how your jaw and teeth come together)
  • A clinical examination of your teeth
  • Low-radiation digital X-rays

Subsequent dental cleanings are about half an hour long and include:

  • Mouth exam
  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Flossing
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride treatment

Many patients worry about the cost of a dental cleaning. We work with your insurance company to coordinate all routine care benefits. For our patients who do not have dental insurance, we offer an in-house savings plan that covers cleanings, exams, and routine X-rays.

Call us to schedule your or your child’s first dental checkup and start on the path to optimum oral health.


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    March 20, 2023


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