Dr. Erin: Pediatric Laser Dentistry Specialist at Newtown for Kids

At Newtown Dentistry, we strive to utilize the latest technological advancements in dental care to provide the safest, most efficient, and most effective treatments for our patients. Laser dentistry is one of the newest technologies about which we’re excited. Joining our team is pediatric dentist Dr. Erin, board-certified with in-depth training in the use of dental lasers. Dr. Erin uses the effective CO2 LightScalpel laser to perform procedures from biopsies to tongue-tie release surgeries.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Laser dentistry involves the use of highly concentrated light beams to perform various dental procedures with exceptional precision. The CO2 LightScalpel laser system works by delivering an intense beam of light to the target area. As the laser beam comes into contact with the water within the soft tissue, it creates a controlled incision. Dr. Erin can adjust the laser’s energy level, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. The CO2 LightScalpel laser’s exceptional accuracy helps Dr. Erin perform her procedures with minimal discomfort and shorter recovery times.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Dr. Erin and the team at Newtown for Kids are all about providing the most benefits for our patients. Here are some of the advantages of using lasers:

  • Image of Newtown Dentistry team member showing the CO2 LightScalpel laser system.Enhanced Comfort and Precision: Laser dentistry minimizes the need for traditional dental instruments, such as scalpels and drills, which can cause anxiety and discomfort. The precise nature of the CO2 LightScalpel laser reduces trauma to the surrounding tissues, resulting in a more comfortable procedure and better treatment outcomes.
  • Minimized Bleeding: The laser’s cauterizing effect seals blood vessels during the procedure, significantly reducing bleeding. Our patients experience less postoperative discomfort and have shorter recovery periods.
  • Reduced Healing Time: Laser dentistry stimulates tissue regeneration, accelerating the healing process. This leads to faster recovery times, helping our patients resume their daily activities as quickly as possible.
  • Increased Efficiency: The CO2 LightScalpel laser streamlines various dental procedures by eliminating the need for multiple instruments. Dr. Erin can perform procedures in less time, leading to improved productivity and faster appointments.
  • Improved Infection Control: The high-energy beam produced by the CO2 LightScalpel laser effectively sterilizes the treatment area, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring the safety of our patients.

What Are Some of the Common Laser Dental Procedures?

While lasers are effective for a number of dental operations, Dr. Erin has used them many times for these common procedures:

  • Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie ReleasePhoto of Dr. Erin in pediatric dentist’s treatment room with purple walls.: Laser frenectomy is a common procedure used to correct tongue-tie and lip-tie conditions in infants, children, and, sometimes, adults. The laser precisely removes the restrictive tissue, allowing for improved feeding, speech, and swallowing. With minimal bleeding and discomfort, laser frenectomy has become the preferred method for addressing these issues. With Dr. Erin’s certification as a lactation counselor, she not only performs the surgery but also stays involved to help mothers and their babies resolve any issues.
  • Biopsies: By precisely targeting and removing a small tissue sample, Dr. Erin can accurately diagnose and treat oral diseases, including oral cancer. The laser’s ability to cauterize blood vessels reduces bleeding and ensures a clearer field of view during the biopsy procedure.
  • Gingivectomies: Gingivectomy is the surgical removal of gum tissue to treat some forms of gum disease. It’s also a common cosmetic surgery used to improve the appearance of your smile. Using the laser, Dr. Erin removes unwanted tissue with little damage to remaining tissue, resulting in shorter healing times.

The team at Newtown Dentistry is so excited to have Dr. Erin join our family. Pediatric dental pro, educator, certified lactation counselor, and committed family person, Dr. Erin knows how laser dentistry works. She will help provide our patients with the utmost exceptional care and ensure that each patient’s dental experience is comfortable, efficient, and top-quality.

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