The Best Kids Dentist in Newtown (Here’s Why Kids Give us 5 Gold Stars!)

Female dentist wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) discusses dental treatment with young female patient.A study of 250 students between the ages of 10 and 14 examined how many children experience anxiety associated with dental visits. Of the group, 42% of boys and girls—that’s 105 children—expressed having dental fear. At Newtown Dentistry, we are the ultimate fear fighters! Not only do we go above and beyond to make sure children of all ages feel comfortable, at ease, and safe, but we also do our best to invite a little (or a lot!) of fun along the way.

Our dedication to giving children a pleasant experience at their kids’ dentist appointments has made our practice a local favorite. The proof is in the lasting relationships we establish with our client kids and families. Many families and children who choose Newtown Dentistry as their dental home — like Rachel — stay with us for years…

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Chris’s practice since I was two years old,” Rachel says. “I absolutely love the entire staff that is eager to greet you and catch up with you. They have always been nothing but incredibly nice. On top of it, their office is always clean and welcoming!”

Learn several additional reasons why residents from all over Bucks County (and beyond) come to Newtown Dentistry for friendly, high-quality pediatric dental services.

Kids Choose Newtown as Their Favorite Pediatric Dental Practice for These 5 Reasons

Newtown Dentistry dental home with indoor treehouse and slide with red picnic benches and brick floor.that provides expert, family-focused care is often a must for parents. A dental practice that centers on treating children and providing a fun environment is the priority for most kids. Happily, Newtown Dentistry offers both.

Let’s take a look at five things children name as their favorite aspects of Newtown Dentistry.
1. A dentist on their level. Not only does Dr. Christine Landes (or Dr. Chris as she’s known to most) have decades of experience in pediatric dentistry, she knows kids! As a kids’ dentist, she knows all about the importance of animated movies and shows, animals, and playtime. And, there’s nothing Dr. Chris enjoys more than discussing favorite pastimes and sharing about her own love of Disney and animals (including her four cats and dog!)

2. A friendly team. Just as Dr. Chris takes the time to approach kids on their level, so does the entire Newtown Pediatric Dentistry team. Our hygienists and other team members take the time to get to know each child who sits in the dental chair. And, we welcome mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or another family member to standby for moral support when needed.

3. A host of puppet friends. Children get to be dentists for a day to one of our furry Newtown pals—a unicorn, monkey, and dragon—all waiting for “expert” dental checkups. Our puppet friends are perfect subjects to help little ones understand their dental treatment and try their own hand at being a dentist.

4. An indoor treehouse. Kids have an abundance of energy, and this surplus doesn’t disappear at the dentist’s office! Before and after treatments, children can expend their energy climbing up our fun (and safe) indoor treehouse and coming down by way of the twisty slide.

Three Newtown Dentistry puppets, green unicorn, brown monkey, and green dragon near dental equipment on ground, snow in back.5. A well-stocked prize box. When we mention “prize box,” we aren’t simply referring to a drawer full of tiny plastic toys. We have a treasure chest full of quality items like games, crafts, and even Legos that are meant to last and are worthy of a completed dental session.

Parents Have Plenty Positives to Highlight Too!

While parents appreciate how Newtown Dentistry caters to children, they also love that our practice is:

  • Conveniently located and accessible from the Newtown Bypass and Route 95.
  • Flexible, offering appointment days and times that work with busy schedules and lives.
  • Available to provide dental care for children and adults (so parents can book their dental visits on the same day if needed.)

Visiting the dentist can be a positive and pleasant experience with the right kids’ dentist. If you have been looking for a new dental home, we encourage you to take a virtual tour to see how amazing Newtown Dentistry is for yourself (and invite your child to come along for the adventure.)

To learn more about our kid-friendly, welcoming, and safe dental home, call us any time at (215) 461-3562. Or, you can schedule your appointment now.


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