How Jenny, Doug, and Peggy All Agreed on the Same Newtown Dentist

Jenny is a wife and working mom of three children ranging in age from toddler to teen. Doug is a middle-aged adult who just launched his own startup. And, Peggy, is a single parent of one preschooler. What do Jenny, Doug, and Peggy have in common? Newtown Dentistry! Rather than catering to a specific type of person or family, Newtown Dentistry serves people and families of all manner of lifestyles!

We have found that when people search for a Newtown dentist, they want a dental professional who is experienced, down-to-earth, and offers the flexibility that most lives demand these days. Here at Newtown, we are happy to provide that—and much more.

Finally, the Perfect Dentistry for Kids and Adults

A young male with brown hair and brown eyes smiles while receiving dental work from the dentist. It’s often not that difficult to find a dentist in Newtown, PA that solely serves children. Or, a dental office that only provides dental care for adults. But finding Newtown family dentistry that covers the dental needs of both children and adults, while also providing exemplary and personalized service? This is one of the very reasons Newtown Dentistry was established, and why we go above and beyond to make sure all our patients have an enjoyable experience.

You may be wondering what we mean by personalized, enjoyable dental service. There are several ways we help children, adults, teens, and parents to feel at home. These include:

  • A giant climate treehouse for little ones to explore before and after dental exams and treatments.
  • A warm and welcoming environment for people of all ages that encourages relaxation and comfort (and even space to work, when needed).
  • A comprehensive menu of dental, cosmetic, and orthodontic services ranging from exams and cleanings to teeth whitening and laser dentistry, and so much more.

Taking a Look at What “So Much More Means” for You!

As a long-standing dentist in Newtown, “Dr. Chris” (Christine Landes) and her experienced team have decades of combined expertise in providing the highest-quality dental care, in addition to the most advanced approaches in dentistry. Their multifaceted backgrounds and skills enable our dentists to truly understand and honor the challenges that come with making dental visits a priority today.

The Newtown team also understands that with going to the dentist can come dental anxiety. To help the “Jennys, Dougs, Peggys,” and other patients that visit to ease their concerns, we offer:

  • Puppets for little ones to practice being a dentist for a day.
  • Time for patients of all ages to ask any questions about their services, or express concerns prior to treatment.
  • Nitrous oxide (for qualifying patients) to help them relax safely during dental services.
  • Cavity detection and prevention options such as the SOPROLIFE intraoral camera, CariScreen Meter, fluoride treatments, and Xylitol, as examples.
  • Prizes: Children can choose from coveted toys and games that will last more than a day, and even adults are rewarded for their dental efforts (such as choosing from gift cards or a bottle of champagne)!

It’s important to know too, that we care about our patients as individuals. In fact, many of our testimonials from current patients talk about how it feels like home when they come for visits. If you have been searching for the right dentistry to accommodate your needs and lifestyle, we encourage you to consider Newtown Dentistry!

Schedule your visit now, or call us anytime at (215) 504-5437.


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    December 17, 2020


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